Workspace consulting 

Services tailored to your needs. Depending on the company’s needs, specific modules are involved: 

Change management

Measures the organization’s capacity for change, ensures user buy-in and a successful transition to a new work environment, and builds change competency into the organization.

Design strategy

Enriches the design process with strategic methods for connecting the physical work environment to business goals and measurably improving user effectiveness and satisfaction.

Real estate strategy

Creates a plan for the organization’s real estate linked to the overall business plan, including economic, social, and environmental goals, with the flexibility to respond to changing business conditions.

Measurement strategy

Develops a meaningful scorecard to track factors such as improvements in workplace efficiency, worker and workplace effectiveness, triple bottom line (economic, social, environmental) performance, and other pre- and post-occupancy measures.

Standards development

Establishes workplace standards that simultaneously provide business efficiencies and more flexibility for the organization.

Network analysis

Uncovers informal networks, maps their strengths and weaknesses, and identifies key network players, to enhance the organization’s capacity for effective process, communication, innovation, decision making, and learning.

Alternative work strategies

Determines appropriateness of telework, on-demand space, satellite offices, and other alternative work arrangements. Considers the economic, social, and environmental aspects of these strategies and how to effectively implement them.

Workplace piloting

Tests physical spaces with users to measure behavior changes and how well workplace strategies deliver organizational value. Reduces risk and increases user buy-in with any new workplace.

Business case

Determines the best course of action for a new or renovated facility by linking specific economic, social, and environment factors to business objectives and conducting cost/benefit analysis.

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