"Working and living in the city of knowledge" 

Steelcase and the Berlage Institute* of architecture just published the results of their research partnership on the future of work and life in cities. 

The 1 year user-centered design approach was based on field observations. 8 architects from 7 countries identified a set of needs to support knowledge workers and inhabitants in future cities.

They illustrated their point of view with 7 urban and architectural proposals. They address issues as diverse as “hybridization of work and life”, “importance of physical networks in a digital world”, “third places”, “power of nature”, etc. These projects give an overview of the social, spatial and technological stakes that should be considered to produce a harmonious and sustainable urban environment.

  • In the long term, this project helps Steelcase envision the future context of work, of its products, applications and service.
  • In the short term, many principles developed at the urban scale can be used at the workplace scale and will find their way in our upcoming solutions.

Please click here to view the interactive pdf version of the book.

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The research is published in the book “Working and Living in the City of Knowledge” edited by Dietmar Leyk and Steelcase WorkSpace Futures, ISBN 978-300-032724-7.

* The Berlage Institute is a renowned post-academic research laboratory in architecture and urban design which hosts students from all over the world.