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Our white papers are explorations on spaces, people information. 

Benching: An idea whose time has come… again

Bench is being reinvented, and it's not "one-size-fits-all." Understanding worker needs is key to creating the right bench solution.

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New-Gen workers in India & China: Reshaping Their Workplaces & the World Layout

As residents of the world's hottest centers of economic growth, young people in India and China are breaking new ground while surrounded by traditions. Providing the best workplaces for these workers starts with understanding what their generation is...

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How the Workplace Fosters Innovation

Nearly everyone agrees that innovation is the way to supercharge an organization to growth. The right workspaces can help make it happen. Steelcase WorkSpace Futures Innovation is the “secret sauce” of business success, according to Harvard Business Review….

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Brand, Culture and the Workplace

Which comes first — the culture or the brand? Steelcase WorkSpace Futures In today’s hyper-connected, ever- flattening world, it’s almost become a question not worth asking. Coexisting in a chicken/egg, yin-and-yang relationship, an organization’s brand and culture shape...

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