Legal Notice 


1. General information

Director of publication: Asier Espel, Vice President International, Rest of Europe and Africa
Co-Director of publication: Brad Doan
Webmaster: Laurence Negroni 
This Web-site is published by the company Steelcase S.A, registered under the Laws of France (Company Number B 302 162 623), whose registered office is at Espace Européen de l'Entreprise, 1 Allée d'Oslo, 67300 Schiltigheim, France.
Hosted by: Steelcase Inc. having its registered address at 901 44th Street, SE Grand Rapids, MI 49508, U.S.A.
The use of the site implies the User's express agreement to the conditions of use set out below.

2. Intellectual property

All text, graphics, images, logos, trademarks and other content of this site, hereinafter called the Content, is subject to the applicable national law protecting copyright and trademark, drawing and design rights.
The Content belongs to the various affiliate companies of the Steelcase Inc. group, hereinafter called Steelcase.
The User is authorised to consult the Content to obtain information on the products and the Steelcase Inc. group and request information from Steelcase.
Elements of the Content may be downloaded or printed, in whole or in part, by a User only for personal purposes of information, education or activities not of a lucrative or commercial nature, on condition that no part of the content is altered and that mention is made of the Steelcase copyright.
No elementary content of this site may be interpreted as conferring on the User any licence or other right to the Content.

3. Responsibility

Product specifications can vary from one country to another, depending on local laws. Many countries forbid the importation of products that do not conform to their specifications. As a consequence, certain products will not be available in certain countries.
The User should check with the local Dealer whether the products chosen and referenced on this site are available in the country of delivery.
The present site and its Content are made available to the User with no guarantee whatsoever, explicit or implicit, regarding the site or its operation and Content. The information content of the site is not contractual. Steelcase reserves the right to modify the Content at any time and without notice. It is for the User, either to obtain information from Steelcase, or to check periodically.
Steelcase will try to keep the present site up to date but does not guarantee that the information content of the site is correct, complete or up to date.
By visiting this site, the User undertakes not to seek to hold Steelcase responsible in respect of any damage or harm that may occur in direct, indirect or consecutive connection with the use of the site and its Content.

4. Links to other sites

The hypertext links from the site to other sites do not engage the responsibility of Steelcase.
Steelcase cannot be held responsible for the unavailability, failure to update or information content of Dealers' sites that may have a link to the present site.
Dealers are legally independent of Steelcase and must in no way be considered as agents of Steelcase.
Furthermore, these sites may include products not originating from Steelcase or links to sites belonging to third parties. In this case, too, Steelcase cannot be held responsible for the content of these sites.
These hypertext links from the present site to other sites and, more generally, to other resources available on the Internet do not engage the responsibility of Steelcase in any way whatsoever.
Furthermore, Steelcase authorises the establishment of a hypertext link pointing to this site and its Content, provided that:
- the source pointing by means of a hypertext link directly to the target content is mentioned,
- the information is used only for personal, associative or professional purposes,
- any use for commercial or publicity purposes is excluded,
- any link must be to Steelcase website home page.
This authorisation does not apply to Websites providing information of a polemical, pornographic or xenophobic nature or, more generally, may be found offensive by the majority of users.

5. Personal data

The User may consult this site without providing personal information.
Steelcase will not collect any personal date (such as name, address, phone number or email address) unless the User provides it voluntarily.
Any personal data will be used exclusively by Steelcase or its Dealers for the purpose of surveys, analyses, institutional communications or commercial offers, unless the User expresses his/her opposition.
This information is confidential and held by Steelcase or its Dealers.
If data of a personal nature is collected by Steelcase, it may be subject to automatic processing in the context of National and European Regulations concerning data privacy.
In accordance with these regulations, the User has a right to access, alter, correct and delete his/her personal information, as well as a right of refusal of transmission of any information regarding himself/herself. To exercise this right, a request must be sent by e-mail to Laurence Negroni,

6. Passive collection of information

This site makes use of various techniques to collect a great deal of anonymous information, such as the IP (Internet Protocol) address (unique identifier assigned to a computer either statically or dynamically while connected to the Internet), the type of Web browser and the operating system used, the date and time of visit to the site, the exact pages browsed and the address of the Web-site visited just before this site. Steelcase uses the information thus collected, to manage the site, customise it in accordance with User preferences and compile cumulative statistics for marketing and market study purposes.
Two techniques for passive information collection deserve particular attention:

- Cookies
Cookies are small text files that hold information regarding the interaction of the User with a given Web-site, either temporarily (this is referred to as a "temporary" or "session" cookie, which is deleted when the User closes the browser window) or permanently (a "permanent" or "persistent" cookie), with the cookie remaining stored on the hard disk of the User's computer. Cookies can make it easier to use a Web-site as they give the servers fast access to certain information:
- Session cookies can help the User's browser to explorer a Web-site more smoothly. They can be used if the user browses consecutively to two connected sites (for example, the respective Web-sites of two associated companies) and provide extremely useful information.
- Persistent cookies enable a Web-site to be customised for a user, for example, by storing passwords, preferences and saving and account information so that the User does not need to enter this information again each time that the site is visited.
This site uses both session/temporary and persistent/permanent cookies to store information that enables Steelcase to offer Users services that are better adapted and simplify their navigation of the site as a whole. To make this site even more user-friendly, Steelcase combines the information collected by means of cookies with the identifiable personal information. Remark: if the User's browser is configured not to accept cookies, the User may not be able to access certain important site areas or functions and may be deprived of some very useful aspects.

- Web tags
Web tags (also called monopixel GIF, invisible GIF or 1x1 GIF) are markers even smaller than cookies. They supply the Web server with anonymous information relating to the User's computer, such as the IP address and type of browser. This site does not use Web tags.
Other ways in which information is used and divulged
Steelcase uses the information collected from the User by this site for various purposes. Unless otherwise indicated above, Steelcase can also be led to use the anonymous and identifiable personal information that the User submits via this site in the following ways:
- to provide information about new products and services, or other information that may interest the User; if the User does not wish to receive this type of notification or update, he/she must contact the address or DOTCOM, PO Box 1967, CD-4S-14, Grand Rapids, MI 49501-1967, indicating the notifications and updates that he/she does not wish to receive,
- to carry out marketing studies and internal market studies,
- to improve the site content.
Occasionally, Steelcase's service providers can have access to the information that the User submits via this site in order to provide the operational and other support services for this site (for example, Web hosting or database services). Steelcase has reached agreements with these providers in order to protect the User from any unauthorised use or divulgation of the User's information.

7. Competent jurisdiction and applicable law

Any dispute arising out of the present legal statement shall be brought before the courts of Strasbourg (France) and shall be judge according to French law, independently of the rules of legal conflict.

In the event that one of the provisions of this legal notice should be found illegal, void or inapplicable for whatever reason, it shall be considered as not being a part of this legal notice and not affecting the validity or applicability of the other provisions.