Corporate Responsibility 

We believe in a balanced approach to profit, people and planet  

Successful companies perform at a high level on 3 dimensions

  • Creating shareholder value by being a profitable enterprise
  • Establishing an agenda that speaks to the social issues of the day
  • Advancing the health of the environment.

We aim to leave the world a better place

At Steelcase, we believe in a balanced approach to profit, people and planet. Beginning nearly 100 years ago, we committed to a social contract with the communities in which we lived and served. We would produce great furniture, be a great place to work, share profits with our shareholders and the community and leave the world a better place.

Steelcase continues to make significant progress in each of these areas, but we’re always aware there’s more we can do.

Read our Corporate Sustainability Report 2011

For more information about our corporate responsibility initiatives, please download our CSR report on the right.

GRI index

The Global Report Initiative is the framework and guidelines recommended for sustainability reporting: the most important information is listed and linked to sections on websites / reports / contacts e-mail, allowing people to get to the information they need quickly. We will not translate this whole info as most of the initial content is only NA and thus not translated either, but we invite you to insert the NA text below and link to the NA site.

Please visit to read more about our performance in sustainability and corporate responsibility in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework